now18FutureNOW! is continuing the momentum with more exciting learning opportunities facilitated from amazing innovators in education. We thank them for sharing their expertise, time and innovations! Here are a few of the many active practitioners who will be facilitating some great sessions this year. They also make great follows and connections on Twitter.

Mindy Ahrens – Teacher. Learner. PBL & Design Thinking Coach. . Changing mindsets.

Leighangela Brady – Assistant Superintendent in 1:1 district. Co-author of Transforming Ice Age Schools and Test Less, Assess More. Passionate about personalized and quality PD.

Kriscia Cabral – Mom/ Wife / Educator with a passion for learning. Thrive on change in the world of education. Scholastic Top Teacher Blogger.

Judy Caraang – 4-5 Learning Facilitator-Design 39 Campus, 1:1 environment, passionate learner, the possibilities are endless when we empower our children

Eric Chagala – Founding Principal @VIDASHARKS – I believe all kids need a place to matter, that schools have souls & that our actions SAY what we believe about children. #UCLA

Jo-Ann Fox – Teacher, blogger, 1:1, San Diego Co. Teacher of Year, co-founder of #CAedchat, #EdCampSD, Google Certified Innovator, Share #YourEdustory, #SpheroEDU, M.Ed

Grant Lichtman – Educator, author, speaker, facilitator, change agent, Chief Provocateur. Helping educators re-imagine and realize the power of great learning.

Scott Moss – Dad. Google Certified Teacher, Leading Edge Cert., CUE Rock Star Faculty, middle school teacher, NU EDTEC faculty. Teach coding 4 kids. Interested in brains.

Kaleb Rashad – US Marine | @WestwoodPUSD | #DesignCamp | @HighTechHigh Adj Fac | #DeeperLearning | Have you fed your imagination? FEED IT!!