About FutureNOW! Conference

The FutureNOW! Conference brings together educators and school partners who are reimagining learning experiences in their classrooms, schools, and districts. The goal of the conference is to experience the innovations firsthand with active practitioners. Participants engage in a variety of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities and we encourage every participant to share, connect, and collaborate with attendees and presenters.

Thank you to NCPDF, Area21 and Design39Campus for being valuable partners in making the FutureNOW! Conference a reality!

And a special thank you to conference organizers Brenda Hall @NorthCountyPDF, Judy Caraang @judycaraang, Joe Erpelding @erpelding, Mindy Ahrens @mindyahrens1, Stacey Lamb @svlamb1, Kelly Eveleth @KellyEveleth, Sara Reiserer @missreiserer, Dana Clarkson @ClarksonDana, Camie Dyess @camiedyess and Howard Chan @socratech!

logo273758658At Design39Campus, learning experiences are designed with the individual learner in mind. As a collaborative community, we nurture creative confidence, practice design thinking, learn through inquiry, connect globally, use technology and real world tools, and promote the courage and growth mindset necessary to change the world.


NCPDF Letterhead Logo The North County Professional Development Federation (NCPDF) is a collaboration representing the San Diego County Office of Education, the College of Education at California State University San Marcos, and 26 Northern San Diego County member districts.

screen-shot-2016-04-02-at-8-00-21-amArea21 is an education consulting team who has spent years developing, training, and supporting schools around the world. From strategic plans, to infrastructure operations, to student engagement, Area21 understands the complexities of educational systems and we strive to provide solutions to support the modern day learning environment. With an extensive background in academics, operational infrastructures, and school development, Area21 partners with education organizations in their comprehensive needs.

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