Thank You Message!

Hello FutureNOW!

Before it’s too late I want to say how much I got from this year’s FutureNow! Conference. In addition to a great kickoff by Jaime Caasp, from Google, each session I attended offered a perfect mix of theory and praxis. The enthusiasm from the presenters about their work was evident. Each was able to weave their research into classroom practice and provided an incredible wealth of resources for us to access and explore.

In particular, I was so inspired by Jennifer Pieratt’s work on deeper learning and her craft.ed model. Wow! In just a space of an hour, we explored several theories, classroom examples and each other’s ideas in a way that impacted my thinking around my own program at my university. Even though the worked examples were for K-12 there are definitely implications at the higher ed level.

So thanks again for this opportunity to be there and absorb as much as I could in a few short hours! Can’t wait ‘til next year!



Ashford University / College of Education

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