FutureNOW! Conference 2015


Tweets from 2015:

@PamRabin: I’m rarely blown away by a conference. #futureNOW @Design39Campus Thanks! @GrantLichtman I’m happy in a slushy tornado of thought! #EdChatSD

@kalebrashad: I should be exhausted after the #futureNOW conference, but I’m pumped!!! #EdChatSD what an awesome day @Design39Campus

@Anthony_RLI: Thank you to the #FutureNow! Conference at @Design39Campus @powayusd for a great day of learning and collaborating! #EdChatSD

@Mmcnearney1970: #edchatSD my head is swimming- a great day!  Thank you Design39, FutureNow, and all those who put this amazing day together!

@SandiB73: So energized by the possibilities explored at #futureNOW conference. How to share the energy!? #EdChatSD